San Francisco Bay Area General Contractor

San Francisco Bay Area General Contractor

G.T.I, Inc has been offering general contracting services to the San Francisco Bay Area and all surrounding counties since 1989. We are specialize in all kinds of Commercial and Residential Construction Work. You can view our full list of services under the Services Menu. With over 20 years experience, you are guaranteed to have peace of mind knowing Greentech Industry, Inc is handling your general contracting needs.


The Sun is the most widely available, renewable and environmentally friendly energy resource on Earth.

The Sun can be used by the solar energy systems which we design, to heat water and air, to generate electricity and to meet other energy requirements such as pumping water.

Our solar energy systems can benefit you by saving money, helping the environment, and providing energy independence.

Install Solar Today!

Solar Energy is no longer a dream for the future. Advances in technology, changes in tax laws, rising energy costs, and available financial incentive payments, have now made Solar Energy feasible for many individuals and businesses.

Greentech is committed to helping you help the environment and become energy independent by designing, engineering, installing and servicing your Solar Energy System in a professional, timely and cost effective way.


We are also specialized in the design, engineering, installation, and servicing of solar energy systems. We believe that solar energy systems are the best type of renewable energy systems that can be installed today.

Help the environment with solar energy systems

Solar energy systems provide energy which is renewable and which does not pollute the air, land or water.

There are no chemicals, which are emitted when the energy is being produced. There are no spills which must be cleaned up.

They require no existing infrastructure, which must be purchase for the public good. No wars or negotiations have to be made with foreign countries over resources. The sun is available at your home or business site to be used for clean energy.

Saving money with solar energy systems

Solar energy systems create energy which can be used by homes or businesses. Greentech can design and install a residential or commercial solar energy system for you which can reduce or eliminate your energy bill. Our solar water heating systems and solar water pumping systems will pay for themselves in less than five years. If incentives are available in your area, our electricity generating solar panel installations have short payback periods as well. The best thing about solar energy systems is that once the system is paid for, the electricity that they generate is free. If you install one of these systems, you will not have to worry about the cost of electricity going up in the future.

Energy independence with solar energy systems. 


GreenTech can provide a stable and renewable energy source, if you are in an area that does not have electricity service or if you have unreliable electricity service. We can design and install solar panel installations for off-grid systems which can provide power for lights, pumps, and even entire houses. Our grid-tie with battery backup systems can provide electricity when the utility grid goes down and help pay your electricity bill when the utility grid is working. Our portable battery systems can provide a clean quite source of power for refrigerators, microwave ovens, computers or water pumps when the electric grid is down or they can provide power for worksite equipment or camping.