San Francisco Bay Area General Contractor

San Francisco Bay Area General Contractor

G.T.I, Inc has been offering general contracting services to the San Francisco Bay Area and all surrounding counties since 1989. We are specialize in all kinds of Commercial and Residential Construction Work. You can view our full list of services under the Services Menu. With over 20 years experience, you are guaranteed to have peace of mind knowing Greentech Industry, Inc is handling your general contracting needs.

We research your marketplace and analyze customer purchasing practices to identify the essential components of a successful shopping experience. We then incorporate and codify all these attributes into a repeatable, standardized experience that can be recreated across multiple outlets.

To distinguish Greentech Industry’s clients from their competitors, an attractive visual identity package will convey the image of a quality-oriented company. The consistent use of the company name, logo, and colors on all signage, collateral, and physical property--from storefront to employee apparel--cements the concept in the marketplace.

The overall branding strategy is designed to attract prospects into the retail facility that are in the market for the products being sold, where they are guided through a series of educational presentations and demonstrations that build and confirm their desire to purchase a product.

Marketing is an essential tool for gaining a real client base by promoting a product or service and appealing to a consistent, narrow target of probable customers. The most efficient use of the marketing dollar focuses on the consumer who is most likely to purchase the product in question.

Prospect Marketing
Prospect marketing efforts begin with customer prospecting, a function carried out by a collection of promotional tools that have been tested and proven effective over a 12-year period. Clients are supported by a rational, comprehensive marketing plan that makes use of advertising and lead generation. Aggressive telemarketing is NOT included in the plan.

Field Lead Generation
Job-in-Progress signage builds name recognition and invites prospects into the selling cycle with references to the Greentech Industry business philosophy.

Prospects calling the number listed receive a pre-recorded informational message with follow-up instructions to the nearest showroom and the company web site.

Referral Programs
Greentech Industry’s referral program ensures a steady flow of new customers and helps generate an extremely high level of word-of-mouth new business referrals.

In order to efficiently regulate the flow of consumers into the showroom, Greentech Industry provides advertising that has been tested and proven effective over a 12-year period.

A full portfolio of print ads, designed to coincide with cyclical and seasonal themes or highlights, create consumer awareness and attract prospects to the showroom. An accompanying plan covers the appropriate media in which to advertise, along with a proposed schedule capitalizing on the most proven timing and frequency intervals.

The goal of advertising is to create long-term brand equity. Successful advertising methods and correct media choices are vital, but vary according to the individual business context. These choices must be based on market research and testing. Organizations without a well-considered market and sales strategy subject themselves to continued margin erosion and the dissipation of value to the customer.

“Buying” sales solution -Our three part buying solution consists of the following steps:

Assessment: The customer sees and tests the products before they buy: An interactive, visual exhibition of fully-functioning products, displayed as they would appear in the customer’s home.
Diagnostics: Examination of the customer’s needs, and how those needs can be fulfilled, including complete measurement and site inspection.
Solution menu: Comprised of available options proprietary to each individual consumer.

Transparent Pricing- Setting the correct market price is vital to the success of transparent pricing. We strive to make transparent pricing a trend in each market segment in order to ensure that consumers get only what they pay for and pay for only what they get. A “Free Service” simply means a cost built into the purchase price of the next customer who makes a purchase.

Customer Satisfaction- A leadership position with excellent customer service will generate an ongoing ripple effect of new clientele.

Greentech Industry has designed ideal environments for its IntelliShop solutions to function in. Facilities can be built stand alone, or within qualified preexisting space.

Retail space guidelines define the complete array of standards and procedures to optimize the physical layout of the store, including guiding prospects in logical progression through the sales cycle. The materials provide detailed information on all aspects, from the reception area to product displays and educational booths, down to supply closet inventory and specifications for the computer hardware (node, printer, and server) necessary for the management system.

Retail Space – Greentech Industry builds retail spaces to predetermined specifications, including all product displays and sales consultant/consumer information booths. The showroom includes all lighting, signage, and computer hardware necessary to support the sales solution. Each aspect of the retail space has been tested and optimized to take the most advantage of available square footage.
Service Facilities – Greentech Industry designs service facilities capable of servicing sales from a proportionate number of retail spaces. The service facility includes all product receiving and storage space, quality control stations, raw materials needed for installation and vehicle bays.
Technological Component - Automating and distributing maintenance duties among personnel streamlines a chain of operations and ensures that a consistent image is maintained.
Inventory - By maintaining optimal sales levels, we forecast inventory space needed to fill orders in a given business cycle.

Quality Control- By analyzing the areas in which previous defects occurred, we can determine how to prevent defects in the future. Reducing defects cuts costs and increases business efficiency. It also results in higher levels of customer satisfaction, referrals, and repeat business.

Business Management -Managers are given the technological and procedural tools they need to optimize employee schedules, and adjust productivity. All necessary tasks are analyzed and broken down into their component parts. These tasks are then scheduled according to rules of time optimization and efficiency.

All details inherent to the success of the business are broken down and scheduled, from correct operations to store maintenance.

Human Resources
Recruitment- Creating powerful, persuasive job postings and placing them in unconventional locations attracts the type of candidates who would be a perfect fit in terms of disposition for the position needing to be filled.

Retail Training - Organized and sequenced to follow the sales solution, Greentech training content stresses product knowledge and builds on the sales consultants’ ability to uncover customer needs and clearly communicate solutions to their problems. The training course is conducted in a mock-showroom training facility, and is led by an expert in the Greentech sales solution. All sales personnel will receive a complete sales manual detailing each step of the sales solution, including scripts and procedures for interacting with customers and all necessary product reference material.

Product knowledge based on unbiased, comparative, and expert information is the core of any retail establishment that wants to ensure its consumers are properly informed to make an intelligent, and therefore pressure-free, buying decision.

Service Training - Training for service technicians is as extensive as that for sales consultants. A pioneering certification program instructs technicians in the full gamut of installation types, broken down into step-by-step procedures. A prescribed level of knowledge and skill competency must be demonstrated in all areas before installers are certificated and deemed qualified to work on their own. All installation personnel receive complete installation manuals that detail all aspects of each type of installation. Additional manuals reference warehouse and quality control procedures.

Since servicing is product-specific, new service employees must be trained on any dependencies before going into the field on their own. In order to assure a consistent quality of service, each service task is broken down into a series of benchmarked steps. All employees must be trained by experts in the field using identical techniques.

Compensation- An above-market salary is paid to qualified employees, with additional compensation awarded for extraordinary performance, satisfying customer needs, and cultivating trusting relationships.

Retention- Improved quality is the goal of any bonus system, so it follows that the level of quality produced should determine an employee’s bonus eligibility.

In today’s financial marketplace it’s a necessity to have a sense of direction for the company. We create scenarios based on industry and market conditions in order to be positioned for optimal sales results. Pro forma financial forecasts based on target market data, derived from historical data, show the total market potential, and the steps needed to maximize market share.

We believe in, and strive for, transparent accounting. It is important to show customers that there is nothing hidden in association with any corporate transactions. All of our accounting statements are professionally prepared and assembled in order to better service our clients.

Any issues related to local building codes or zoning laws are thoroughly researched ahead of time by our legal team. Our Corporate Governance Advisory consultants can assist corporate boards and management in developing and implementing policies and procedures to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, as well as the related SEC rules and the new market rules. For companies that desire to undertake a comprehensive, top-to-bottom review, we have devised a detailed audit process and methodology that is flexible and customizable for any company. Our procedures are modular, and enable companies to examine areas of particular concern rapidly.