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Corotan - Roof FramingCorotanCorotan - Roof Framing5 years, 11 months ago
Framing 11.30.2011CorotanFraming 11.30.20116 years ago
Framing Construction Lamb ProjectLambFraming Construction Lamb Project6 years ago
Corotan Project  (11.9.2011)CorotanCorotan Project (11.9.2011)6 years ago
Corotan Project 11.4.2011CorotanCorotan Project 11.4.20116 years ago
11.03.2011 FramingCorotan11.03.2011 Framing6 years ago
02. First day (before) - 09.19.2011Corotan02. First day (before) - 09.19.20116 years ago
First day (Before) - 09.19.2011CorotanFirst day (Before) - 09.19.20116 years ago
First floor framing / Water proofing - 10.31.2011LambFirst floor framing / Water proofing - 10.31.20116 years ago
Before the concreteLambBefore the concrete6 years ago
Carpentry / FramingLambCarpentry / Framing6 years ago
FramingLambFraming6 years ago
Concrete pouring 09.23.11LambConcrete pouring 09.23.116 years ago
Lamb ConcreteLambLamb Concrete6 years ago
09.27.2011 Removing of the formsLamb09.27.2011 Removing of the forms6 years ago
Changer orderLambChanger order6 years ago
Lamb FoundationLambLamb Foundation6 years ago
Walnut Creeek - Lamb 8-10-11LambWalnut Creeek - Lamb 8-10-116 years ago
Walnut Creeek - Lamb 8.1.11LambWalnut Creeek - Lamb 8.1.116 years ago